The SALUS-3 is a Portable ADS-B Transceiver — Both ADS-B Out and In. Connect to your iOS, Windows, or Android device! Complete ADS-B In and Out for Just $1,299.

SkyVision Xtreme - the ultimate in safety in the cockpit. Now available in a portable for virtually all pilot's, owner, renter, or corporate

Why wait until it's too late? Our customers have been saying for years: "...the unit I bought from you is the best money I have spent so far in my airplane adventures, lots of bang for the buck..." and "After just one flight my wife said it is the best money I have ever spent on my airplane".

NavWorx ADS600-B

Fully TSO-154c certified UAT for permanent installation. Comply with the 2020 mandate now and at the same time bring full Traffic and Weather to the cockpit. With optional TransMonSPE(TM) get automatic input from your analog or digital transponder of the pressure altitude and squawk code. Also the optional Wifi module allows you to receive the traffic and weather on your iPad. Save with our special pricing: Normal price $1,999.00 our price $1,779.00.

Gen2 Portable ADS-B In and Out

Gen2 Portable ADS-B In and Out with connections for external antennas. Has a TSO-154c certified UAT inside. Includes portable GPS and UAT antennas.

Xtreme Vision Software

Unique Synthetic Traffic™, as well as 2D traffic on small panel and on moving map, free ADS-B weather, UAT control panel and more. Works with Salus-3 and several other Transceiver/Receivers.

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Skyvision Xtreme Salus-3 and tablet system

With the system deal you get all the great features of the Salus-3, the Skyvision software, and a great 7" tablet computer. Start receiving all the traffic and weather provided by ADS-B.

Skyvision Xtreme software

Skyvision Xtreme software on a convenient 7" tablet computer. Use either horizontal or vertical, or switch at any time. Perfect companion with the Salus-3 or NavWorx UAT.

Very reasonably priced portable ADS-B Out and In System, but it doesn’t include the transceiver. This is just the display

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ADS-B can be confusing, click on our Chat button and ask us about our products:

Portable ADS-B In/Out for Full Traffic and Weather

Achieve "Instantaneous Situational Awareness" with SkyVision's Synthetic Traffic™ ADS-B traffic and weather system, and be a safer pilot.

Introducing the Salus-3™

True ADS-B In/Out Synthetic Traffic™ and Free Weather in Portable Unit!

Salus-3 Skyvision Xtreme


From the makers of the world's first true portable ADS-B In & Out system. Now in a more convenient size, get the safety and security of Full ADS-B Traffic as well as Subscription-Free Weather in a portable system. Take the system into your rental plane and see all traffic and weather around you!

Xtreme Vision's Synthetic Traffic™ display provides unprecedented Situational Awareness. Just a glance at the display gives all necessary information to see and avoid traffic. The weather display provides all available ADS-B weather products.

SkyVision Xtreme - the ultimate in safety in the cockpit. Now available in a portable for virtually all pilot's, owner, renter, or corporate

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